Friday, 23 November 2012


Okay, I'm taking a break from NaNo today, and that means blogging! Nothing better than to use your time to waste precious words on a blog. Jokes... I like blogging, almost as much as I like forums. I could never do twitter though. My thoughts are too big and complex to condense down.

Anyway, now for something more on topic. I've been struggling with the issue of writing romance for a while now, so what do I do but share it with the internet!? Honestly, I think I have a problem here. But I digress. I've made all of the mistakes in the book, plus a few more. So here goes. I've got a little list. (And they'd none of them be missed) Cookies for the reference!

1. Never ever intentionally create a love interest unless you really know what you're doing. I have done this before as a 'newbie' writer, who was just really obsessed with the idea of falling in love. Unless you know your character intimately and their thoughts inside out, chances are that the love will be weak and uninspiring. If you have ever written a love story, you will know what I mean.

2. Do not get your characters together unless they have both plausibly fallen in love. Take Harry Potter, for example. The Ginny/Harry thing, and also the Hermione/Ron thing were building up FOREVER. Because that's what it takes to fall deeply, truly, in love.Now think about Twilight. Why do we hate the love story so much? Because Edward is supposedly 'perfect' and Bella falls in love with him straight off the bat. DO NOT under any circumstances rush this process, unless you intend the love to be shallow and untrue (which I have done). The falling in love is sometimes the most beautiful part.

3. Break the barriers. Get your character to fall in love with the most unlikely/ugliest character in your story. You may just discover that they are perfect for one another.Why is Beauty and the Beast so wonderful? Because their love transcends the boundaries of his beastliness. You may not intend your ugly character to fall in love with your wonderful character, but don't worry. If it happens, embrace it. It's a wonderful plot development.

4. Infatuation =/= love. I think I sort of covered this with point #2, but let's be clear. Infatuation can be a wonderful plot point, but it is not a solid basis for a lasting relationship.

5. Last point. If unsure, drag it out. I know some readers would scream at me for this, but if you're not sure what point the relationship between your characters is at, leave it be. You'll probably know when they're finally ready to get together.

Adios, amigos! 6 days of WriMo-ing left to go.

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